A New Investment Strategy

It happens to the best of us.   You find a new stock investment but can’t decide just what to do.  Or you have a current security and you are wondering if you should buy more, sell, or hold.  Perhaps you are unsure about venturing into the world of options and can’t figure out if you should buy or sell a call, put or cover?

Well, let me reassure you.  I now have, thanks to my wonderful family’s Christmas Gift to me, the ultimate investment strategy platform literally at my fingertips!  When I find myself in times of uncertainty or confusion, I can turn to the investment wheel of fortune, cleverly disguised as a paper weight, for all my answers.   

It’s free!  Green energy compliant!  Easy to use!  And anybody can do it!  OK, on second thought, maybe not free, but since I got it as a gift, it did not cost me anything and therefore is free. 

And just to show you how great a guy I am, I will use this new magical system to answer any and all of your investment questions – Free of charge!  Just email or comment your investment question regarding a particular stock or ETF and I will deftly give the wheel a spin and reply back with the answer (video clip included).  Free of charge.  And, free of any personal or financial liability to me too!  After all, it is just a paper weight. 

An awesome magical wheel of fortune and investment oracle of a paper weight!

But still a paper weight.

So, what should I do about Disney?



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