Tomaeto Tomahto

Facebook is set to report earnings today after market close. Recent sentiment has been very bullish, however, with the fall of Apple, Google, and Microsoft; the market is now second guessing itself.

Put action has greatly increased in the last couple days and investors are seeing a true divergence in opinion.

And it is not just showing up in mainstream media. The charts, and subsequent interpretations, are showing the same mixed signals.

IBD sees a cup and handle consolidation pattern with a $117.09 buy point. A bullish pattern. We will call this the Tomaeto. 😉


Yay! If it does indeed surprise.

Another stock and chart analysis site comes to a much different conclusion. A multiple top bearish pattern. We will call this one the Tomahto.


Ahh!! If it does indeed crash.

So which one will it be?

Potaeto or Potahto?


9 thoughts on “Tomaeto Tomahto

  1. As of 1:00 today, twice as many calls have be bought at $107 compared to $107 puts. Which is bullish and your chart shows that the stock fell days before their Jan 27 earnings release. So, if Facebook beats estimates like in Jan then you could double your money by buying the call options.
    If not, you would lose $400 per option plus commission.

    From T.D. Waterhouse – Short-Term: 2 to 6 weeks

    Technical Events
    2 bullish
    7 bearish
    Support found at: $105.93
    Resistance found at: $112.42
    Based on 100 bars. Customize on chart

  2. In general, I do not make a bet on earnings… Tech stocks ar to hot too handle for me for now.

    Just for the fun, and because I like the cup with handle better, I would bet on bullish…!

  3. So 2 bullish events, 7 bearish events equals buy a call option?

    26-Apr-16 Momentum Short-Term Bearish
    22-Apr-16 Slow Stochastic W Short-Term Bearish
    22-Apr-16 Williams %R Short-Term Bearish
    22-Apr-16 Price Crosses Moving Average (21-day) Short-Term Bearish
    15-Apr-16 Momentum W Short-Term Bullish
    13-Apr-16 Hammer Short-Term Bullish
    12-Apr-16 Triple Moving Average Crossover (4-day 9-day 18-day) Short-Term Bearish
    11-Apr-16 Short-term KST Short-Term Bearish

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